About Zuza Makes

Posterior Pioneers

Zuza Makes was born of a simple question: what if all of those cute, memeable frogs had... tiny bottoms?

This approach soon proved simply revolutionary, with all of my friends and family howling of laughter and going: "you just have to sell these!".

Cheeky Champs

It took many attemps to get the booties just right. Some who have followed me from the beginning will know that the big Frogues had 2 iterations already!

Other creatures soon joined the gang, mostly inspired by requests from my lovely customers during events. Each new pattern has to follow one rule though - every one gets a bum!

Bootylicious Family

Now a couple of years, one country and one city later, the Zuza Makes family is now based in Edinburgh, Scotland and it inludes not just cheeky froggies, but also cats, dogs, pigs, pugs and a whole host of other creatures, crocheted and illustrated alike.

Every day I wrack my brain for more silly animals, funny pets and cute ideas. All to bring joy and wee giggles to all!

About me

Hi, my name is Zuza and I'm the brains behind the whimsical world of Zuza Makes.

I am a full time maker and artist, with experience in many disciplines including illustration, graphic design, 3d rendering and others, but specialising predominantly in crochet and illustration. I make it a point to always create my own crochet patterns and to create unique, one of a kind designs, dissimilar to anything else found on the market.

In my free time I read, exercise, sew and knit - and let's be honest, sometimes I crochet too! I love hiking, which made a significant impact on our decision to move to Scotland.

People often ask me where do I get my ideas from. A lot of them simply pop into my brain, especially when I've been feeding it a healthy creative diet of audiobooks, books, graphic novels and films. Otherwise I love to workshop ideas by getting prompts from others - this is where markets come particularly handy! I like to ask my fellow stallholders - as well as my lovely customers - for their favourite foods, to show me pictures of their pets or even to tell me their favourite colour. It's hard to not be inspired when interacting with so many different kinds of people!

If you have any other question or would like to reach our about something, please get in touch.