Lanky Frogue

Frogue Gang

Frogue Gang are a team of crochet frogs. But don't let their round bellies or huge eyes deceive you! Each of these boys sports a set of enviable cheeks at the back!

You can find out more about the differences between Lanky, Tall and Short Frogues below. However, you can always be certain that each and everyone will be cute and will have a set or round cheeks and sparkly eyes that stare into your soul.

Don't let your memes be dreams and get a frog with a butt 🍑


Mini Frogs

Mini Pals

Mini Pals are smaller, portable cousins of the Frogue Gang - or at least that's how they started! Now they're the most popular branch of the Zuza Makes family, consisting of several animals and including seasonal specials.

These little guys are keyrings, that you can put on your keys, bag, backpack or even keep them as a desk buddy or in your car. Each one is made and finished entirely by hand. They all come with a tiny booty as well - no matter the species, every one gets a bum!

If life ever gets you down, you get stressed and anxious, just squeeze the cheeks and feel your worries melt away!



Other Creatures

Every once in a while, I will get an idea for something special, that doesn't fit with either the Frogue Gang or Mini Pals. These creatures might break the "every one gets a bum" rule, but they are nonetheless extremely cute and super unique.

With a wide range of utilities, they stem from decorative Cat-Cactuses all the way to cat toys. They also include extremely limited test runs of products, where I get to stretch my creative muscles, developing patterns which are completely new in every way.

If you're not sure you're ready for a perky bootylicious friend, why not have a look at something completely different!




As much as I love to crochet and create physical things, sometimes it's fun to simply put your ideas down on a page and... reuse them forever as stickers. Cover your notebooks, laptops and phone cases with them!

Bum-forward design is always my main focus, so you can expect all of my illustrations to heavily feature booties. Subject ranges vary from frogs and cats, through dogs and pigs, to one-off sheets of flowers or worms. I come up with most of my ideas in sets, so you can expect to see a lot of stickers, however sometimes I create illustrations for postcards, greeting cards, pins or acrylic keyrings.